7.5 Service Flow 5

Your workout data is money!

Earn health and profit from your healthy activity.

Users participate in various TDT sports leagues.

Each sports league has a title sponsor, general sponsor, and prize money (rewards) sponsored with digital assets. Corporate and brand logos will be displayed in TDT locker rooms, sports star NFT jerseys, and sports league advertising channels.

Users pay a participation fee to join a sports league of their choice. Various rewards such as ranking awards, position awards, and other rewards are paid in digital assets based on the performance of the athlete or user in running leagues, baseball leagues, soccer leagues, etc.

Your workout data can motivate someone to get healthy!

Keep running, don't stop with my healthy activity data relief policy.

With any exercise, consistency is key. Healthy activity should form into a healthy habit.

Users participating in TDT Running Leagues can purchase other users' mileage data to bail them out if they miss a league activity due to travel, illness, etc. so that they can continue to participate in the league.

Surplus healthy activity data after being used for My League activities can be sold to participants who need it, contributing to someone's uninterrupted healthy activity.

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