2. Executive Summary

TDT – Web3.0 Sports League

To solve the aforementioned problems, TDT will help athletic professionals create new value from the competitiveness of their athletes and the video footage, images, collections, and athletic know-how they have accumulated over time.

It will also provide a new ecosystem for athletes to create their own tangible and intangible value as digital content and negotiate directly with customers (users, companies). The TDT ecosystem will enable everyone to own digital content based on Sports IP, participate in sports leagues, produce sports data, and sponsor athletes to grow the sports industry together.

Sports IP monetization ecosystem

TDT aims to build an ecosystem centered around athletes and fans. TDT refers to athletes as "influencers" and aims to support a variety of opportunities for them, including NFTs, athletic content creation, endorsement model contracts with companies, fan interaction, and event activities. As the ecosystem becomes more robust, the value of athletes will increase as the quality of sports digital content improves. FIT tokens and points will utilize the blockchain to ensure transparency in the interactions between ecosystem members.

  • Gain supporters to become an influencer (attract fans, business engagement)

  • Create transparent partnerships with your supporters

  • Ensure credibility of sales attribution from influencers and marketing attribution from supporters

  • Ensure transparency and efficiency in user rewards, influencer and enterprise revenue settlements

Sports NFTmall (Minting)

TDT will create digital content that captures the athletic know-how, game videos, images, game records, and avatars of influencers in each field and promote and serve them to the world through content services. Users who want to participate in the ecosystem through digital content can participate in the ecosystem by purchasing NFTs. In this process, influencers will be supported by TDT Studio for video filming and editing services, and will be the driving force behind the creation of numerous digital contents on the platform.

TDT NFTmall will allow users to purchase NFTs for sports players and sports competitions. Users can participate in the ecosystem of each sports league by purchasing the corresponding sports NFTs, and will be rewarded with digital assets or various freebies according to the results of related activities. In addition, businesses or advertisers will have the opportunity to collaborate with famous influencers as endorsement models. Influencers will help sell NFTs on TDT NFTmall and receive a share of the revenue. (The revenue sharing policy is described in detail in the Token Economy section).

Web3 Sports League Platform

The Web3 Sports League platform allows users to participate in the ecosystem by matching their sports NFTs with the records of each player in a sports league or competition. Users will complete the sports activity data matching until the opening round of each league and competition, and based on their sports records, users will participate in TDT awards ceremonies and receive rewards. Users will also receive special rights based on the value of their teams, such as priority access to new NFT drafts, trading fee benefits, and free participation in sports challenges.

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