6. Business & Technical Logics

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TDT is a web3.0 sports digital asset platform based on sports IP.

TDT is a web3.0 sports digital asset ecosystem that started as a blockchain-based 300FIT athletic content platform that produces and trades athletes' athletic know-how as digital content, and has expanded to various business models such as sports NFTs and merchandise utilizing various IPs of athletes such as game records, game videos, and images.

TDT's core value is that sports are not something to watch, but something to participate in and own, giving sports fans in the Web 3.0 era a new way to enjoy sports.

TDT will introduce a variety of business models in collaboration with top partners in each field, all of which will be powered by the Web 3.0 Sports League-TDT ecosystem, where fans and players can interact in new digital ways, where fans can directly participate in leagues with the players they watch, and where they are rewarded based on their performance.

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