7.3 Service Flow 3

I'm a sports team owner.

Owns a multi-million dollar sports franchise of sports stars and digital athletes.

Users purchase owner NFTs and are assigned a locker room.The user's locker room is equipped with cabinets to store the athlete NFTs.

Users can own sports player NFTs issued by TDT through the draft and trading method.

Teams are tiered based on their value.

Teams that are recognized as having a certain level of value can participate in the draft, where they can purchase newly minted Athlete NFTs. Users can also select from their Athlete NFT holdings and trade or sell them for other Athlete NFTs through trading..

Users can use their Sports Player NFTs to increase their team's chances of winning as a brass ring by playing sports themselves or participating in challenges tied to real-world sports events.

A user's sports player NFTs can be upgraded with various boosting NFTs, and the increase in value of these sports player NFTs will increase the value of the user's club.

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