7.1 Service Flow 1

Web3 Sports League Platform - TDT

TDT matches avatar NFTs of domestic and foreign sports players and sports characters from cartoons, movies, etc. with real-world My Health data, allowing sports stars and players to participate in the ecosystem as one and experience sports in a new way. All athletes, users, and sponsors (companies) who participate in the ecosystem will be rewarded for their contributions to the ecosystem.

Athletes participate in the ecosystem by creating digital avatar NFTs that represent their brand values, as well as promotional and marketing activities. Athletes and teams participating in sports competitions and games provide exercise data such as walking, running, and other activities performed by real users to the TDT ecosystem.

Sports fans (users) acquire TDT teams by purchasing team owner NFTs and acquiring digital player NFTs. They then sign up to participate in upcoming competitions or leagues in sports such as walking, running, baseball, soccer, and more.

Users match their digital athlete NFTs with real-world athletes participating in the game.

After all of this, participants are rewarded based on the outcome of the match or league.

Our goal is to drive interest and participation in all sports - elite and popular, as well as amateur and social - to take the fun of competition to a new level.

Participants aim to create their own sports ecosystem by sharing and experiencing the tension of competition through the changing value of sports digital assets.

We are fascinated by and enjoy web3 sports leagues, and contribute to the development of the sports industry.

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