6.1 Workout Content Asset Ecosystem

First-generation ecosystem based on SportsIPโ€“ 300FIT, a rewarded workout content platform

300FIT is an ecosystem that brings together experts in various fields of exercise to create valuable exercise content that can be traded directly to fans. 300FIT is expanding its ecosystem with partners who have the technology and platform to expand from fitness to all sports.

First-generation ecosystem based on Sports IP - Samsung Health, a workout content platform

The 300FIT workout content service has partnered with Samsung Health, which has been downloaded by 500 million users in approximately 176 countries around the world. By maintaining the current relationship, 300FIT will bring global users into the ecosystem and expand content payment transactions.

300FIT is a content provider to Samsung Health. We started the mobile service in July 2018 and expanded the service to Smart TV in May 2020. It was ranked as the 2nd and 3rd most popular programs on Samsung Health in 2018, so it has received a lot of attention from consumers of exercise content. Users introduced through Samsung Health are converting into active users who purchase paid content at an average rate of 4.82% per month.

Workout Content Asset Ecosystem - TDT

First generation ecosystem based on SportsIP - TDT Channel

300FIT will create a variety of video content on sports and fitness topics to strengthen the 300FIT ecosystem with our partners. The content will include TDT's YouTube workout channel, as well as workout entertainment programs.

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