6.3 Web 3.0 Sports Leagues

3rd Generation Ecosystem on Sports IP - Web3 Sports League TDT

300FIT aims to introduce a new concept of sports ecosystem through its sports IPs, technology, and infrastructure. Based on sports IPs of various sports, 300FIT will break the boundary between the digital world and the real world, issuing digital avatars of athletes as NFTs and launching a new sports league TDT that connects real-world healthy activity data.

Web3 sports leagues allow users to participate in sports leagues by establishing teams, drafting and trading player NFTs. It is operated in real-time with My Health data collected through users' own walking, running, and cycling, and will be linked to various sports data in the future to expand the ecosystem. TDT will build a healthy Web3 sports ecosystem where not only famous leagues and star athletes, but also amateurs and unpopular sports players can grow together and trade My Activity Data collected by healthy activities.

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