1. Abstract


In the Web3 era, sports fans are demanding change in the sports industry.

The current sports industry has been driven by huge sports organizations and related companies. The dramatic images of athletes in action have stuck with us over time. However, digital content based on various assets such as athletes' athletic know-how, records, and game footage accumulated through years of hard work is not recognized as an asset value such as copyright like movies and music.

The existing digital content based on athletes' IP has the problem of not finding a successful business model other than the monotonous product of athletic content. In addition, the lack of a platform for athletes to produce and monetize content has led to a decline in the diversity and quality of content. For other reasons, such as to promote the company's products and brand rather than to guide athletes, companies are centered on paying model fees to athletes to produce exercise content and provide one-way exercise content services to customers (users) through mobile, video platforms, etc. For this reason, athletes need a new strategy to commercialize not only their athletic know-how, but also various tangible and intangible assets such as their records, images, game videos, and collections.

We don't just watch sports, we own and participate in them.

By solving the problems specifically mentioned below, we will enhance the transparency, rarity, and collectible value of athletes' IP-based digital content through blockchain technology.

We are also committed to creating a new digital sports experience by building an ecosystem where sports fans and related companies can actively participate, expanding 300FIT's ecosystem, which started as an existing athletic content ecosystem, into a web3 sports league TDT ecosystem.

Our goal is to grow the fun of competition to a new level by promoting interest and participation in all sports, not only sports stars and popular sports, but also amateur and social sports.

In doing so, we hope to usher in a new era where all sports participants can find sports content appealing and enjoyable, and contribute to the development of the sports industry.

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